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Sports Cluster

Gyan Vitaranam Sports Cluster includes conducting sports events, connecting sports businesses across the country, and promoting various fields of sports. The cluster incorporates sports equipment manufacturing companies, stadiums, platforms, and sports professionals. We are also establishing research and development facilities in real-life sports settings, where new ideas, concepts, technologies, and products are developed and tested through collaboration between sports organisations, knowledge institutions, and companies.

Sports competitions

Gyan Vitaranam conducts sports competitions at the district, state, national, or international levels for both indoor and outdoor games. We organise and sponsor various competitions, including inter-school, inter-college, and inter-university level events as well.

Indoor Games Outdoor games
Chess Cricket
Table tennis Football
Badminton Hockey
Volleyball Cycling
Basketball Golf

Connecting sports & heath entities

Gyan Vitaranam Group plans to build platforms that connect gymnasiums, stadiums, turfs, and yoga centres across the country, making it easy for you to train and practice by accessing these facilities. Furthermore, we aim to connect numerous health centers, including Ayurveda, Unani, homoeopathy, and other natural therapies, to promote holistic well-being and injury prevention among athletes. By connecting with Gyan Vitaranam Group, you can gain access to a network of resources and support to help you achieve your athletic goals.

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